Development of Facilities


Inniscarra GAA have undertaken a number of developments over the last number of years. In 2016 we commenced our development plan with the redevelopment of the ''Box Pitch''. The club installed purpose designed floodlighting to allow our Juvenile & Adult teams extend their training seasons while also allowing our teams train under floodlit conditions. This has been a major benefit to the club as the GAA season appears to be getting longer every year. Following the conclusion of the "Box Pitch", the next project was the construction of the Ball Alley. This project concluded in October 2018 and it was officially opened by our own Cork star Sean O'Donoghue. The alley has proved a massive asset to the club as the underage and adult teams are making great use of the facility.

In 2019, the club signed a lease to develop a new full size pitch in Ballyanly when a greenfield site adjacent to the club became available. Despite this being a massive undertaking, it was agreed that as the club was getting bigger with every passing year (18 teams from U6 - Minor, U21 Football & Hurling, along with three adult hurling teams & two football), a new pitch was required. The expansion of our membership has resulted in some age groups now entering two separate teams. While this is a great position for the club to be in, it had resulted in our existing facilities being under huge time pressure. Work on the new pitch began in early 2020 and just before the first lockdown, with weather in our favour, the topsoil and seed were sown. By Autumn the pitch was ready. The next steps were the installation of ball stop nets, goalposts and surrounding fence. The surrounding fence was purchased and erected voluntarily by our super members who gave their time on a number of Saturdays & Sundays in order to complete the final step. Although a number of training sessions have taken place, the new pitch will not host its first match until 2021. The development of the pitch is another milestone for the club.

Over the Winter of 2020, a gym was installed in the clubhouse. This project has been in the pipeline for a number of years and it is great that it is now in place.

Watch this space for news of our next big development.............................................

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