Lotto Results 2015

Lotto Results 2015

Tickets are €2 each. Available from any committee member, Dan Donovans Shop or any of the local public houses. Lotto can now be played online on

Lotto results 15th December 
Lotto numbers 13,22,26,32. No winner. 
€30 Consolation Prizes - Noreen Murray Courtbrack, Laoise Hennessy Gurth c/o Mgt Burke, Shane Linehan, Maureen O Sullivan C/O Strand Bar, Phil O Sullivan C/o Aunties

Lotto results  8th December
Lotto numbers 01-06-24-31 No winner. 
€30 Consolation Prizes -Mark and David Linehan Berrings, Pat O Reilly c/o Liam Linehan, Sean and Kay O Mahony, John O Riordan c/o Donie O Shea, Dave O Callaghan c/o Aunties

Lotto results 1st December
Lotto numbers 02-22-31-32 No winner. 
€30 Consolation Prizes - Tim Kelly Matehy, Joan Lynch Curraleigh, Teddy Daly Donoughmore c/o Dan Donovans, Theresa and Cait c/o Jerry Linehan, Owen McSweeney Scartaglen Co Kerry

Lotto results 24th November
Lotto numbers 02-11-20-26 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Constant family Tower c/o Aunties, Dave Mcgrath c/o Huntsman, M. Griffin c/o Ann Farmer, Neilus Daly Cloghroe, Roy Cotter CUH c/o Timmy Murphy

Lotto results 17th November
Lotto numbers 10-22-25-34 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Frank O Mahony Brigestown, Mary O Callaghan Ballyshonnin, Mary O Brien Upper Cloghroe, Gwen Sheehan Vicarstown, Denis Sheehan Vicarstown

Lotto results 10th November
Lotto numbers  7-9-22-24. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Freya Magee Willison Way C/o Yvonne, Jackie Linehan Berrings, Shane Sewell c/o Rea Bar, Healy Family Banteer C/o Aunties, Jackie & John c/o Jackie Linehan

Lotto results 3rd November
Lotto numbers 3-14-29-32. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Eugene O Callaghan Vicarstown, K O Leary Wayside, Eileen Sewell c/o Rea Bar, Geraldine and Anita Keohane c/o Dan Donovans, John T Roche c/o Dan Donovans

Lotto results 27th October 
Lotto numbers 22-25-27-28. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes- Brendan Donovan, Johnny Herlihy c/o Rea Bar, Harry Shine c/o wayside, Jackie Linehan, Dora Desmond c/o Kay O M

Lotto results 20th October 
Lotto numbers 12-21-31-33. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Wall family c/o E Wall, Joseph o Sullivan c/o Kay Twomey, Tracey Buckley c/o Enda, Jim Looney Donoughmore, Lara Daly

Lotto results 13th October
Lotto numbers 10-16-17-24 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes- Rita Ryan c/o Threasa ryan, Ann Hickey c/o Aunties, Maura Murphy Ballincollig c/o J O Leary, Helen O Callaghan c/o Jerome, Conor and Mark McLoughlin c/o Liam Linehan

Lotto results 6th October
Lotto numbers 2-6-28-32 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Senan & Call Sewell Rea bar, James O Driscoll Curraleigh, Lisa Healy C/o Blairs, Teresa Murray c/o Teresa Ryan, Cian O Callaghan Oakmount C/o Aunties

Lotto results 29th September 
Lotto numbers 2-11-19-27 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Dave Barry c/o Liam Linehan, Mary Falvey c/o Aunties, Sean O Donoghue c/o Yvonne, Enda Linehan Courtbrack, Shane Linehan Courtbrack

Lotto results 22nd September
Lotto numbers 18-24-28-29 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes. Mary Elizabeth Lane c/o John Lane, Mick Hayes Dripsey, Katie O Mahony Bridgestown, Margaret, Sheila and Threasa c/o John Lane, Mary Murphy North Kilmurray

Lotto results 15th September 
Lotto numbers 04-13-26-30 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Laura O Mahony c/o Kay O Mahony, Sean Cashman CUH c/o Timmy Murphy, Willie Linnane c/o Donie O Shea, Jack O Keeffe c/o Kay O Mahony, Adrian Moynihan Berrings

Lotto results 8th September
Lotto numbers 2-10-25-28 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - 
Sinead Ryan,
 Elaine Buckley,
 Denis Sheehan,
 Jim Donovan, 
Pat Barrett

Lotto results 1st September 
Lotto numbers 3,5,22,29. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Ann Dineen c/o Kay O Mahony, Jane O Driscoll Curraleigh, Mark and Val, Pat Barrett c/o Aunties, Andy Horgan C/o Dan Donovans

Lotto results 25th August
Lotto numbers 10,11,21,28
One winner
Congratulations to Dave O Callaghan Aunties Bar Tower

Lotto results 18th August
Lotto numbers 12,13,24,34. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Jayden Curran c/o Wayside, Meabh O Se c/o Frank Forbes, Cliona O Sullivan Blairs, Kitty Sheehan Matehy, C. Fairclough Vicarstown c/o dans

Lotto results 11th August
Lotto numbers  01,10,28,31. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Elaine O Callaghan C/O Rea Bar, Helen White C/O Peader, Joan O Sullivan C/O Peader, Joe O Herlihy C/O Dans, Katie Roche Kilgobnait Dripsey ( online winner)

Lotto results 4th August 
Lotto numbers 2-10-35-36. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Christina Buckley C/o Dan Donovans, Emer and Fiona O Connell c/o J Lane, Karen Shine c/o Dan Donovans, Lucy and Rob Gagnon c/o Aunties, Sharon Cummins c/o Aunties

Lotto results 28th July
Lotto numbers 5-22-23-36. No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Martin O Reilly c/o Liam Linehan, Niamh Kavanagh c/o Liam Linehan, Declan Horgan c/o Rea Bar, Eilish Kelleher c/o Yvonne O Donoghue, Nellie Collins Gneeveguilla

Lotto results 21st July 
Lotto numbers 9-12-27-28 No winner. 
€30 Consolation prizes - Joseph Burke c/o Mgt Burke Vicarstown,  Tim Mullane c/o Dan Donovans, Denis Casey Vicarstown C/o Jerome, Eoin Keogh c/o Yvonne, M&K c/o Kay @ Inniscarra Bar

Lotto results 14th July
Lotto numbers 12,23,27,29 No winner
Consolation prizes €30- J M Collins c/o dan Donovans, Tim O Connell c/o Kay, Sean O Donoghue tower,Sally Corcoran c/o Yvonne, Adrian Moynihan C/o Rea Bar

Lotto results 7th July
Lotto numbers 8-11-23-26 No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30 -  Aoife Linehan Berrings, Ber Glazier Berrings, Keith O Connor CUH C/O Timmy Murphy, Mgt Sheila & Theresa c/o J Lane, Dora Desmond Callas (Online Winner)

Lotto results 30th June
Lotto numbers 13-15-21-28 No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30- Mark Goode Ardrum, Kitty Sheehan Vicarstown, Billy O Sullivan Vicarstown, John Constant Tower C/O Aunties, Rose O Brien c/o Liam Linehan.

Lotto results 23rd June
Lotto numbers 04-05-20-26 No winner. 

Consolation prizes €30-  Shirley Barry c/o Kay, Marguerite O Leary C/O Liam Linehan,. Wall family Cloghroe, Jim Curran Cloghroe, Kathleen O Sullivan Rea Berrings (on line winner)

Lotto results 17th June
Lotto numbers 04-19-24-29. No winner. 

Consolation prizes €30- Joan Cronin C/O Kay, Bridget Long C/O Aunties, Shane Sewell Rea Bar, David Herlihy Rea Bar, John Constant C/O Aunties.

Lotto results 9th June
Lotto numbers 03, 17, 25, 34. No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30- Niall McDonnell Leemount, Colin Murray c/o Bob, Maudie Buckley Vicarstown, Marguerite O Leary c/o Liam Linehan, Jacqui O Connor Centra Tower c/o Jennifer

Lotto Results 2nd June
Lotto numbers 16, 22, 33, 35 No winner. 

Consolation prizes €30-  Liam O Leary Tower, Paul Hurley Ballyshonnin, Pat Murray Rea bar, Karen O Mahony c/o Kay,. Ellen Hannon c/o Anne Barry

Lotto results 26th May
Lotto numbers are 7,11,21,30 No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30- Marie Molden C/O Sean Buckley, Liam O Leary Tower, Sean Gleeson Berrings, Nina Downey Cloghroe, Dave jnr Aunties

Lotto results 19th May
Lotto numbers 03,18,23,26. No winner
Consolation prizes €30- Carmel C/O Aunties, Con Ambrose Callas, ML O Regan jnr, Karen O Mahony C/O Kay, Tim Kelly Matehy

Lotto results 12th May 
Lotto numbers 16,17,23,34. No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30- Ciara Prendergast c/o Liam Linehan, Ml O Shea c/o Kay ,Cian Holland Mathey, Jill Ward Kelleher Coolflugh Cloghroe, Sheila Golden C/O Jerome O Callaghan

Lotto results 6th May
Lotto numbers 10,20,32,36. No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30-  Enda Linehan, Bridget Long C/O Aunties, Willie o Brien upper Cloghroe, Michelle O Dea C/O Aunties, Jim O Leary Ballyshonnin

Lotto results 28th April
Lotto numbers 07-18-22-36. No winner. 
Consolation prizes €30- John O Riordan c/o Donie O Shea, Phil O Sullivan, James Sheehan Matehy, Jamie Barry Gurteen, Nicola Bray C/O Aunties

Lotto results 21st April
Lotto numbers 15-16-19-24 No winner 

Consolation Prizes €30- Betty O Sullivan Tower, Teresa Ryan, Jerry O Regan Rea, Noel O Connell shournagh rd, Marie Coughlan c/o Liam Linehan 

Lotto results 14th April
Lotto numbers 14-18-20-30 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30-Cormac O Donoghue Lower Farran, N O Leary sextons cross Berrings, Dermot Daly c/o Kay o Mahony, Carl Mitchell c/o Wayside, Betty O Sullivan Tower.

Lotto results 7th April
Lotto numbers 07-09-24-30 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30-  Kitty Sheehan Vicarstown, James Buckley Vicarstown c/o Aunties, Edel Conran Shanakiel, O Riordan family Vicarstown c/o Aunties, Willie O Brien Upper Cloghroe

Lotto results 31st March
Lotto numbers 2-5-31-33 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30- James Daly Caherdavin Limerick c/o Jerome, Damien Herlihy c/o Timmy Murphy, Joan Buckley Callas, Betty O Sullivan Tower, Nick Glazier Berrings

Lotto results 24th March
Lotto numbers 1-2-4-8 No Winner

Consolation Prizes €30- Kitty Sheehan Vicarstown, Susan Buckley Callas c/o Rea Bar, Andrew Barry c/o Kay O Mahony, Ann Dineen c/o Kay O Mahony, Kev Kelleher CUH c/o Timmy Murphy

Lotto results 18th March
Lotto numbers 10-14-22-29 No Winner
Consolation Prizes€30 - Christina Buckley vicarstown, Kathleen O Callaghan c/o Dan Donovans, Ann lynch c/o Peader, Siobhain c/o Jim O Leary, Wall Family c/o E Wall.

Lotto results 10th March 
Lotto numbers 5-9-15-21 No Winner

Consolation Prizes €30- Nina Downey Cloghroe, Tomas O Connor Gueteen, Sinead and Chris Healy C/O Rea bar, Eilish Ryan Whitechurch, Eileen Murphy c/o Jerome O Callaghan

Lotto results 3rd March 
Lotto numbers 2-5-13-24-No Winner

Consolation Prizes €30- Mgt Burke V'town, Trade Noonan c/o Rea, Eileen O Callaghan C/o Rea bar, Grainne O Donoghue Ovens c/o wayside, Denis Keohane Baili Mhic Ire c/o Alan Sheehan

Lotto results 24th February 
Lotto numbers 5-8-32-36 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30- Margaret Sheila and Tom C/O John Lane, Mick O Driscoll Curraleigh, Sheila Golden Donoughmore C/O John O Callaghan, Mary Elizabeth & Conor C/O John Lane, Jim O Connor C/O Kerry Rd. 
Jim is an on-line winner. You could be too. If your not in a position to buy a ticket weekly make sure your in the draw by buying your ticket on-line.

Lotto results 17th February 
Lotto numbers 4-10-16-36 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30 - Jackie Linehan Berrings, Paddy O Leary Tower, Peig Murphy c/o F Forbes, Roy Cotter CUH c/o T Murphy, Roy O Donovan Kerrypike

Lotto Results February 10th 
Lotto numbers 24-27-28-35 No Winner

Consolation Prizes €30- John Constant, Tower, Eoin Cotter, CUH, Helen O Callaghan, Vicarstown, Tom McGee, Tower, Maureen O Sullivan, Vicarstown

Lotto Results February 3rd 
Lotto numbers 2-6-34-35 No Winner

Consolation Prizes €30: Joe Crowley c/o Timmy Murphy, Harry Shine Tower, Billy Sullivan Vicarstown, Ian McCarthy Perth Australia, Maeve McCarthy Killeens Vicarstown

Lotto Results January 27th 
Lotto numbers 4-13-23-30 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30 - Jackie Linehan Berrings, Peter and Kay Buckley Vicarstown, Anthony McSweeney c/o Liam Linehan, Michael O Shea c/o Inniscarra Bar,
David Walsh c/o Dan Donovans

Lotto results January 20th 
Lotto numbers 3-7-26-30 No Winner
Consolation Prizes €30 -Liam O Callaghan C/O Huntsman., Mehmet Simsir Carriganarra, Ballincollig, Michael and Anne O Mahony Bridgestown, Ron Worth Cloughphillip, Carmel O Callaghan C/O Aunties 

Lotto Results January 14th
Lotto Numbers 2-4-20-36 No Winner
Consolation prizes €30:  T.R. Murray Courtbrack, Willie Riordan Upper Cloghroe, Willie O Brien Upper Cloghroe, Gerard O Connor Rea Bar, James and Jane O Driscoll Curraleigh

Lotto Results January 6th
Lotto Numbers - 7-14-32-33. No winner 
Consolation prizes €30: Noleen Duffy, Tower, Ml O Riordan, Cloghroe, Wall family, c/o EamonWall, Brendan Healy c/o Rea Bar, Derry Murphy Kerry rd.

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